About this site

Smart Leaders was a dream of Ron Oltmanns for providing a place where leaders could learn and share best practices for growing themselves as leaders.

As a membership site we have a commitment to continue growing the number and depth of resources available to our members, both free and premium.

Ron’s team of consultants, writers, coaches, programmers and service staff are here to help you grow and learn as a smart leader.

Ron has worked with over a thousand entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives and managers, and sales professionals on improving their leadership and personal management while functioning in the demands of the marketplace.  Ron is an entrepreneur who has worked in an executive coaching firm, taught at a university, run a computer services business, traveled widely (born in Venezuela, grew up in New Mexico, lived in Singapore, currently based in Texas), has practiced the martial art of aikido 15 years and enjoys flying (licensed private pilot).  As a life-long learner, Ron has studied multiple languages and is fascinated by different cultures. 

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