Writing for smart leaders

by Ron on October 25, 2012

Earlier this year I traveled to China’s interior province of Anhui and during that trip I got to see several examples of smart leadership in action.  I saw people younger than me being energetic and full of life and willingly stepping in to serve.  Too many leaders seem to hunger for celebrity and too few embrace the job that needs to be done and then do it in hiddenness and without recognition.

It has started to dawn on me that I should put more energy into writing for this cohort of up-and-coming smart leaders.

Writing is a way to be generous and share lessons learned.  It also allows me to broaden my impact by reaching a larger audience of people.  It is also something I believe I have some talent and passion for.

Stay tuned here to see and sample more of the leadership lessons I’ve learned.  Give me your comments and feedback too; I welcome it.

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