Big changes

by Ron on November 17, 2011

It’s been three months and it feels like two years since we moved across the ocean from Denton, Texas to Shanghai, China.

Work started up right away, we stayed in a hotel for about two weeks and had to find an apartment and get the boys into school.  What a whirlwind!

We settled on staying downtown in the middle of things, in the financial district of Lujiazui (it sounds just like it’s spelled!).  The boys go to a bilingual school and we have found a church home.  The food markets are not completely foreign to Angela, a little similar to what she grew up with in Singapore, but it is a big adjustment from our American life.  We don’t have a car here and we’re still settling in.

The boys go to an international bilingual school and they are being challenged.  They are going to be smart leaders!

My work with executives and managers of multinational companies here is going well.  China and Shanghai specifically is becoming a regional hub for foreign companies much like Singapore or Hong Kong has been in the past.  The pace of development over the last 10 years has been breakneck, so even though infrastructure is in place (or quickly being built out), the talent pool remains very dynamic and not fully developed.

In fact, the Chinese have a saying.  Instead of talking about undeveloped or backward, they say “not yet mature” (还没成熟).  It is so true.  So my work is really focused on helping companies and leaders who may not being fully developed themselves to produce results with a workforce that is motivated but not yet seasoned or mature in international business.  It’s a great challenge.

The personal and family challenges are even greater.  Let me just say, behind every good leader look for others who make it possible for them to lead.  The fruits of leadership are shown in those who follow, not in the leader individually.

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